Am Kolel, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization.


To donate by mail, please click here for the form you may print out and mail with your check.

Am Kolel depends upon the generosity of our members and friends.  Our membership is small, under 100 households, while those enjoying our resources and events are many times more that number. But our dues only generate 15% of our total income. The rest comes from programs and life cycle income, special gifts, small grants, sales, tuition, and our December and June Appeals. Below you will see opportunities for supporting our unique work in the community.

General Donation to Am Kolel:
These donations are attributed to the General Operating Fund which covers the basic operating costs for Am Kolel and Sanctuary including staff salaries, utilities, mortgage payments, insurance, postage, office supplies, Sanctuary needs, publishing costs, and the like. In addition, this fund enables us to provide the various Am Kolel programs like Holiday Celebrations; Adult Education, Youth Programs, (eg: Buber Youth Kibbutz & Country Cheder); Jewish Renewal Weekends; Shabbat Services (Cedar Lane & Open Shabbes at Sanctuary); as well as miscellaneous other events & programs.

Donor-Designated Fund Donations - The following are our “Restricted” Funds. These funds are dedicated for a specific purpose. If there is a fund that resonates with you, please consider designating a gift to that fund.  

All gifts can be made to honor or in memory of someone.

Capital/Building Fund
Provides for Sanctuary's infrastructure maintenance and capital improvements. Current needs are repaving the driveway and making building upgrades to comply with a recent Energy Audit.
Matt Fox Buber Enrichment Fund
Named in the memory of Matthew Fox, this fund provides subsidies for Buber Youth program participants.
Gene Lipman Acre Plus 
Produce grown in the Lipman Acre is donated to various soup kitchens. Donations to this fund provide for the purchase of seeds, farm equipment, cultivating tools, row cover and part-time labor.
Israel/Middle East Peace Fund
Used to support efforts  to promote Peace in Israel and with its neighbors.
Library Fund 
Supports the growth and maintenance of the Rae Alice & Bernard Cohen Am Kolel-Kehila Chadasha Library at Sanctuary.
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund 
Provides for outgoing donations, at the Rabbi’s discretion, to individuals & families with special situations, as well as to non-profit organizations sharing our mission.
Sue Roemer Endowment Fund
Provides support for the Jewish Folk Arts Festival and development of an archive of Cantor Sue Roemer’s original works.
Tabor Justice Forum
Named to honor Mike Tabor, longtime social activist, these funds support forums on social issues.
Torah Fund 
Provides for the maintenance of our Torah Scrolls and future purchase of adornments.
Tzedakah/Social Justice Fund
Supports efforts and programs that work promoting social justice issues such as human rights, immigration rights and health care.
Stanley & Evelyn Wagner Summer Youth Initiative
Provides for youth programming.
Ellen Schall Memorial Fund (NEW)
Helps subsidize classes, special programs and retreats; subsidize transportation to and from Am Kolel services and programs; and provide financial support in making our retreat center more accessible.
Program Coordinator Fund (NEW)
To be hired to assist Reb David in the design and implementation of ongoing and new programs.
CSA Subsidy Program (NEW)
The Licking Creek Bend Farm owned by Mike Tabor and Esther Siegel has established a program to provide first responders, essential service providers and families whose jobs cannot be done at home and may be without their regular paychecks during this pandemic with weekly pesticide-free fresh produce. We are asking for your support to fund subsidized CSA shares for 30 families.

In addition, the following funds have been established by member families to honor loved ones or to support specific programs, other than those specified above, that resonate with them:

Mary Jean Eig Wellness - To create yoga or wellness workshops or for program cost assistance
Lisa Kapin Memorial Fund
Steve Pressman Memorial Fund - Maintenance of bridge and campfire area
Loretta Hull Memorial


To donate by mail, please click here for the form you may print out and mail with your check.

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