Another central pillar of Judaism is G’milut Chasadim or “acts of loving kindness” and Tikkun Olam or “repairing the world.” Am Kolel tries to serve the community in many ways. Below is the short list!

Gene Lipman Acre Plus - Along with our subscribers to Am Kolel’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, we raise organically grown vegetables for shelters and soup kitchens in Montgomery County. To become a CSA, or to volunteer to help harvesting, email Reb David.

Sukkot in April - Members of Am Kolel work together to help an individual or community in need. Recently, members worked for several days with YACHAD – the Jewish Housing Development Corporation – to help renovate a women’s bookshop for low income families in D.C. Keep a watch on the Am Kolel Calendar for plans for next year.

Human Rights Benefit - Annually, Am Kolel sponsors an event to benefit local Human Rights organizations.  Often, the benefit is a community-wide Chanukah Human Rights Concert and Fair. Details are posted on the Am Kolel Calendar and announced in our weekly e-letter.

Support for the many other Social, Environmental and Political Issue groups in our community. A short list of ways in which Am Kolel supports the greater community is:

Tzedakah Contributions in varying amounts to lend support to groups meeting social needs in the community (e.g. Baby Blanket Project, American Jewish World Service…)

Tikkun Olam- This past year we raised funds for the Sulha Peace Project in Israel, Rabbis for Human Rights, the Montgomery Countryside Alliance to protect the Agriculture Reserve, and supported Heartbeat Jerusalem, a project bringing Palestinian and Israel teenagers together through music.

Rabbis for Human Rights International Conference in D.C. – Am Kolel sponsored the performance by  storyteller Noa Baum for this gathering.  Reb David served on the organizing committee. Immigrant Rights – Through Reb David, Am Kolel has participated in supporting the Immigrant Rights Reform Movement. Reb David marched with thousands of immigrants at the ICE headquarters and also joined with Jewish leaders in meeting White House staff.

Environmental Action – In addition to the links we are striving to make between the earth and ethics at Sanctuary, we are also working with the Montgomery Countryside Alliance and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Health Care for All - Am Kolel is one of a handful of Jewish organizations that has supported this initiative to provide health care for all the residents of Maryland.

End the Death Penalty – Am Kolel has also lent its support and name to end the death penalty in the State of Maryland.

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