Hear David sing it

Ein ka-mo-cha vah-eh-lo-heem,
A-do-nai, v'ein k'mah-ah-seh-cha.
Mal-chu-ti-cha mal-chut kol o-la meem,
u-mem-shal-t'cha b'chol dor va-dor.

There is none like You, Eternal One,
among the gods that are worshipped,
and there are no deeds like Yours.
Your sovereignty is everlasting;
You reign through all generations.

A-do-nai me-lech, A-do-nai mah-lach,
A-do-nai yeem-loch l'o-lam va-ed.
A-do-nai oze l'ah-mo ye-tein,
A-do-nai y'vah-rech et ah-mo vah-sha-lom

God rules; God will reign for ever and ever.
Eternal God, give strength to Your people;
Eternal God, bless Your people with peace.

The Ark is Opened

Av ha-ra-cha-meem, hay-tee-vah
veer-tsone-cha et tsee-yone; teev-neh
cho-mote yeh-ru-sha-lie-yeem.
Key v'cha l'vad ba-tach-nu,me-lech eil ram v'nee-sah, ah-don o-lah-meem.

Source of mercy, let Your goodness be a blessing to Zion,
let Jerusalem be rebuilt.
In You alone do we trust, O Sovereign God, high and exalted.
Sovereign of all the worlds.

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