Renewal communities have also embraced lessons from diverse spiritual traditions, such as Eastern philosophy and both Eastern and Jewish meditative practices. In this spirit we sponsor an ecumenical retreat center for the benefit of our members and others who seek spiritual renewal, communion with nature, learning and fellowship. 

Open Shabbes - where individuals, youth groups, havurot & congregations celebrate the Sabbath, sing & dance, explore Jewish thought & culture in a casual & nurturing retreat setting. 

Spirit Days -  where religious & cultural groups explore their commonalities & their differences, to develop greater understanding & trust. The Spirit Days would also create bridges to Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Jewish, African-American, Hispanic, Asian & other ethnic communities.

Personal Retreat - for personal spiritual renewal where individuals come for solitude & reflection during the week.

Simcha Center - where families & communities celebrate special occasions such as Bnai Mitzvahs & weddings.

Tikkun Center - where students of social & environmental ethics & justice come to recharge their batteries & explore new approaches in healing & transforming the world.

Martin Buber Summer Youth Kibbutz - programs in cooperative living, dialoguing, & prejudice reduction for Jewish & non-Jewish youth. The program includes gardening, music & the arts.

Gene Lipman Acre Plus - named in memory of Rabbi Eugene Lipman who, in his retirement, farmed an acre of land raising vegetables for shelters & soup kitchens in the greater Washington D.C. area. Through Sanctuary, Am Kolel continues this project & provides opportunities for the community to participate.   Several families support this project as CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscribers.

The Am Kolel Sanctuary & Renewal Center is a place of natural beauty and serenity, where you can experience rest, relaxation and renewal. It also provides a beautiful venue for group or individual retreats and life-cycle events. (Click here to go to the Sanctuary & Renewal Center's website.)

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