Am Kolel is directed by Rabbi David Shneyer and governed by a Board of eight Trustees.  We have 3 permanent staff positions.  In addition, we have several gifted clergy, our Judaic consultants, to provide guidance and support to dozens of families and individuals in those special times in their lives, birth through death.

           Founder & Director    Rabbi David Shneyer
  Board of Trustees    
    President   Miles Goldstein
    Vice-President   Shelley Sturman
    Secretary   Sandy Hoffman
    Treasurer   Fran McMahon
    Trustees At-Large   Betsy Combs
De Herman
Janeane Marks
    Immediate Past-President   Annette Jolles
    Emeritus   Paige Jacobson
  Rabbi   David Shneyer
  Rabbi   David Kuperman, PhD.
  Rabbi   Gilah Langner
  Rabbinic Pastor   De Herman
  Melavah Rukhanit   Janeane Marks
  Business Manager   Danielle Rozier
  Administrative Assistant   Nicole Ehrentraut
  Librarian (volunteer)   Ann Bradbury

Am Kolel Jewish Renewal Community of Greater Washington
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